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of U.S. physicians recently surveyed by John Hopkins Medicine prefer to receive information digitally

Source: (Haldeman, Dalal. (2017, August 11).
How Do Physicians Want to Receive Information? We Asked Them. Retrieved

What Physicians Are Saying

Save Lives

Tipu Khan, MD

I consulted a pediatric physician on Doximity about a mysterious rash. Instead of waiting weeks for a referral, the patient had a plan that day!Tipu Khan, MD · Founding Medical Director and Board President, Shifa Clinic of Orange County

Save Time

John Luo, MD

Using my Doximity fax line, I was able to to get my patient her medications urgently, from outside of the country, without ever picking up the phone.John Luo, MD · Senior Physician Informaticist and Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at UCLA

Stay Informed

Bruno Granwehr, MD

'Looking up articles in DocNews on various topics has made medical literature on the move much easier.”Bruno Granwehr, MD · Associate Professor, Univ. of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Infectious Diseases

J Michael Hitt, MD

One of my patients was bitten by a Macaque monkey, which is infected with a virus that can produce a lethal encephalitis in humans. Worldwide, there are only a dozen or so experts on this zoonosis, but Doximity allowed me to quickly contact authors of key publications that present information critical to treating this disease. The patient did fine - so did the monkey. Doximity provided me with easy access to experts!J Michael Hitt, MD · Medical Director of Employee Health, University of Arizona Health Network

Anand Allam, MD, MS

We were looking for a very specific neurosurgeon in an unfamiliar part of town. After a few guesses, I was able to find the contact faster than on google or any search!Anand Allam, MD, MS · Medical Director of Inpatient Rehabilitation, Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital

Aparajita Singh, MD

“I was struggling with a complex patient with a very rare condition -- sclerosing mesenteritis. I easily found an article on Doximity authored on that topic by an expert and was able to contact the author. He told me about a medicine that he was trying out on his patient and it just all worked out. Thanks Doximity!”Aparajita Singh, MD · Asst. Prof of Gastroenterology University of California San Francisco

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